As a site dominating the casual dating field, Ashley Madison does an excellent job in the matching and messaging department

Since the site is designed for having discreet affairs, you don’t have to use your real name on your profile. You are free to use an alias as long as the photos are legit.

However, there is a lack of ID verification so scammers are quite likely to get through. Besides, Ashley Madison once had an incident back in 2015 where users’ personal data was leaked. This huge scandal made the company undergo a series of tests and reviews on security and safety. However, despite the actions taken, there is still no proper ID verification in place to deter hackers from signing up.

Ashley Madison matching and messaging

The whole user interface is intuitive. Anyone will be able to navigate around and learn all the features in no time. So, for all the tech dummies out there, Ashley Madison saves you the trouble of learning a brand new system.

You might be delighted to hear that Ashley Madison has a higher female member ratio to male, which is uncommon in the industry. There are plenty of online dating sites filled with horny men looking to bang a girl. In such an environment, women feel less protected and often insecure about being in a male-dominated place.

Hence, Ashley Madison is a paradise for women to truly express themselves and let out their thoughts. In this community, everyone can be exactly who they want to be. There is no need to hide your sexual desire or preference. You are accepted for who you are.

Besides, members gather here mostly because they feel the traditional online dating platforms are not very welcoming towards what they stand for. But here, at Ashley Madison, everyone’s uniqueness is celebrated.

The matching process is simple. Profiles are presented in a grid format, and you can choose how many profiles per page. On each profile, photos and some basic information are highlighted. You get the age, location, and some other details based on how you set your preferences.

Below the profile, you will get two options, either to “like” the profile or to give it a miss. Liking someone’s profile means you send a request to connect with them immediately. Giving it a miss will take the profile out of your search results. The profile will not be shown again until you have run out of possible matches. Only then will the profiles circle back.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to decide, you can swipe past the profiles. Then, that tells the system you don’t ashley madison polska opinie want to connect right now, but maybe you will change your mind later so those profiles can be presented in your searches again.

The app also comes with a travel feature where you can share your travel plans with women at your destination. That way, you can pre-arrange a hookup before you even land! There is also an alert that lets you know when there is a unique quality on a member’s profile that is rarely seen on others. It ranks members differently based on nine criteria.

If that is not surprising enough, you will be more than happy to know that your user experience will be mostly ad-free. That’s right. Ashley Madison does not like spamming its members with ads.

Ashley Madison profile quality

With nearly 60 million members, Ashley Madison guarantees a long list of promising candidates for you. Most of the time, members are indeed very well-mannered and well-educated. There are lots of elites in the professional fields that choose Ashley Madison as they want to steer away from anyone who might know them in real life.