Negan and you will Carl take a seat on new deck

Negan stones Judith in the lap as he contemplates killing Rick and you can Carl, possibly even paying down on suburbs. Negan smiles and kisses Judith’s nose.

“Hearts Nonetheless Beating”

Negan keeps a good shave into the Rick’s bathroom. He then cooks spaghetti on the cooking area which have Carl, training your to get a style to own Rick because Olivia pours your particular lemonade. It to use the fresh table alone, looking forward to Rick to return. Negan expands exhausted and you can towns Lucille within the Rick’s couch, then he requires Carl to pass the new bread rolls to which he states please another big date shortly after he’s overlooked the fresh new first-time.

Afterwards, Negan was looking at the deck whenever Spencer tips and you can Arat won’t help him discover him up to Negan informs the lady to help you not be an arse. Spencer brings up themselves. They show a drink due to the fact Negan pines getting a billiard table. Spencer tells your in which they’re able to choose one. Negan smiles and you can calls Spencer his “the fresh new closest friend”.

While the Negan and you can Spencer gamble pool in the center of the newest roadway, residents gather around to watch. Spencer says to Negan you to definitely Rick’s ego is out of manage and you can reveals one Negan designate Spencer the have a peek at the hyperlink newest frontrunner from Alexandria. Negan considers Spencer’s betrayal. The guy points out one Rick is eating his hatred to collect goods to possess Negan so he would not destroy anybody else. “That takes courage,” he states. Negan secret why Spencer doesn’t just destroy Rick himself unlike sneaking up to. As he tries to speak, Negan solutions his own question: “It is because you really have no bravery,” he states as he plunges a knife to the Spencer’s abdomen, disemboweling your. “Here he is. They certainly were in you the complete day,” Negan laughs as Spencer’s courage pour out on the concrete, asking when someone wants to finish the video game which have him.

Angered, Rosita whips aside the girl firearm and propels at Negan; yet not, the bullet attacks Lucille instead. Negan, resentful during the destroy completed to Lucille, and also the sample towards his existence, shouts out “Crap! Exactly what the Crap?! Shit! You only. You Attempted to Destroy Myself?! Your Shot LUCILLE!” and need to know who made the bullet. Rosita lays and says she caused it to be herself. Negan cannot trust the woman and you can requests Arat to get the latest blade so you’re able to the girl face. Rosita once again states it actually was the girl as she clicks the girl cheek against Arat’s knife, reducing her very own deal with. Negan merely cannot fall for it, following orders Arat to help you eliminate anyone; she following converts and you can shoots Olivia from the face.

Rick seems and yells in the Negan they had a binding agreement. Negan informs him regarding how Carl infiltrated the latest Refuge and you will murdered a couple of his males, how Spencer was plotting getting your killed, so he could be set up charge. He in addition to says to Rick you to Rosita sample Lucille trying to eliminate him and you will didn’t want Olivia so you can pass away although he ordered Arat so you’re able to destroy anybody. Negan agrees to visit when the guy learns exactly who made the brand new bullet. Tara states it was this lady, however, an excellent tearful Eugene confesses. Negan methods your and you will says to him he believes your and Negan in his rage requires Lucille to provide your electricity after that angrily states you to definitely Rick’s finds out commonly adequate once today and you may he warns Rick he’ll remember how it happened that day. Negan and his awesome crew leave that have Eugene during the pull.

“Rock on Street”

Even in the event he’s not viewed, Negan try heard to your broadcast Goodness grabbed from the Sanctuary, the guy brings Fat Joey a keen eulogy, in which he informs Simon to look for Daryl inside Alexandria as the the guy understands the guy fled.