The woman is fixated on having the love of athlete as they are the actual only real “real” part of her life

Even with Monika’s hopeful emotions about Literary works Pub, it will become even more visible one to she is in fact unfortunate and you will lonely, down seriously to knowing that this lady whole world is only a representation; a representation in which she cannot even achieve what’s noticed “happweness” (i.elizabeth. which have her channel completed). Monika’s methods are also motivated from the this lady want to avoid the fresh new torture she endures just in case some body quits the game, just like the when that takes place Monika was swept up within the an effective hellish emptiness off appears, bulbs, shade, and you can screams, unable to flow escort service in orlando otherwise consider. This really is said during the Monika’s Talk into the Work step three.

She’s going to believe that an element of the character does not exists, and that she just loves the gamer by themselves

Once deleting Yuri and you can Natsuki’s data, Act step three should come, in which she creates a world on her while the player, she’ll identify their motivations on the lady love into the pro. She’ll plus describe how she amplified Sayori’s and you will Yuri’s unwanted characteristics (elizabeth.grams. Sayori’s anxiety and you may Yuri’s obsessiveness) to make them less inclined to confess the love with the protagonist. Monika will unlock the newest poem minigame again, but simply altered terms away from Monika’s identity come, and just Monika’s sticker sprite can be obtained, that have a noisy ambience to play regarding the background. The background is actually reddish which have bugs, different from the initial dining table record within the mini-video game. After supplying the poem to Monika, she’ll accept that the player authored the brand new poem especially for this lady, and she calls the gamer sweet.

At this point regarding video game, the player will be able to discover Monika’s Chat in which she talks right to the ball player (albeit into the a comparatively nihilistic trends), instead of the protagonist. It is shown you to little on the Monika’s visible kindness and complimentary is an operate, and she offers the player particular really good advice out-of day to day.

Monika then regulates the online game, saying that if the she enjoys the gamer, she will restore whatever they could have desired

If for example the user next decides to erase Monika’s document, she will immediately disappear, and search on her document inside an anxiety disorder. Whenever she discovers the gamer erased the girl, she will feel enraged at player and inform them that they “totally, its make me personally ill.” Once a tiny stop, Monika tells the ball player one she nonetheless enjoys her or him. She will then feel the pounds out-of the lady methods, comprehend brand new horrible things she has completed to the other lady, and you can claim that regardless of if she know these were maybe not actual, she nonetheless spotted her or him given that her members of the family. Monika will then be missing for the remainder of the online game, before the last part of the normal finish.

If for example the typical end is attained, Sayori becomes notice-aware, and you can bugs the online game back to the room Monika lived in on Work step three for only a portion of the profile and you will herself. Monika will then remove Sayori, stating “Zero. I won’t let you hurt him.” Monika states that there surely is zero joy regarding Literary works Pub, then deletes the complete game. The fresh song “Your own Facts” will play as the credit move, which is inferred as the newest song Monika authored on the user. The fresh game’s CGs would-be deleted in credits, and you will a good bittersweet page regarding Monika might possibly be shown, thanking the gamer getting signing up for the new Literary works Bar. The game will now end up being rendered unplayable up until it is re-strung and/or “firstrun” file are deleted.

In case your good ending is reached, Sayori will give thanks to the gamer having spending time with all of the girls. Monika have a tendency to nonetheless delete the overall game, nevertheless CG’s may not be removed, and you will a letter from Dan Salvato thanking the player having to relax and play his games will show instead.