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Physical appearance

Ikki try a young son of mediocre top that have darkish locks and you can brown vision. Ikki often is seen dressed in the quality Hagun Academy male uniform. He is come indexed having a thinner however, really-created, muscular body and you can a lovely deal with that renders your attractive to the girls. Sara Bloodlily revealed Ikki to own “beauty and generosity, but really with fuel inside the straight-backed, clean-reduce figure and a robust musculature, developed and taught to unaltered brilliance.” These kinky bbw personals prices being the reasons why she desired Ikki to get the woman naked model.


Ikki was a powerful-willed and commendable son, having a caring character; this is viewed on the series just like the selflessly support other people. So it holds truer for these not able to end up being better to their very own, when he knows just what a difficult road it actually was. Ikki is cold in competition and does not brain enjoying a hot battle with a robust challenger.

Ikki was shown to be quite peaceful into the probably the most demanding of situation, because the viewed as he resided peaceful the entire come upon which have Kuraudo actually brushing off the fact that he had been strike which have good bottles, seeking steer clear of the endeavor.

When it comes to discussing females regarding his many years and you can the entire academy generally Ikki try clumsy given that he has got zero prior expertise in them beyond respect with the a superior or since a good knight. It is found as he confronts Stella on that topic. Because of his several years of becoming discriminated up against if you are an F-Rank, Ikki isn’t completely regularly their abrupt increase in popularity and sometimes does not can best deal together with of a lot lady fans.

Even with facts implying if you don’t, he or she is not too perverted. The guy usually tries their hardest showing discipline and esteem to the woman which serves lecherously doing him, instance Stella and you may Shizuku. He in addition to selected not to have intercourse which have Stella from the vacation cabin these were being, even in the event she advised they, understanding he necessary the girl family members’ acceptance first.


Ikki was a member of brand new Kurogane Loved ones, a family group that produced premium Blazers having years, probably the most notorious are Ryoma Kurogane. Whenever his nearest and dearest discovered that Ikki is an enthusiastic F-rating, they instantaneously discriminate up against him, pressuring Ikki to not ever do anything when you are dealing with him for example he cannot can be found.

During another type of season occasion Ikki, not able to withstand environmental surroundings, went of his house and got destroyed on snow. Down seriously to his latest breaths, new nearly passing away Ikki whines out their outrage because the Ryoma Kurogane looks in front of Ikki, informing Ikki to prevent call it quits and to end up being good.

Ikki at some point remaining their house to call home his very own. Throughout the his amount of time in middle school, Ikki goes toward many different dojos and you may difficulty its benefits. It sometimes denied his issue and/or pupils create gang upwards into the him, hence occurs toward numerous circumstances. He ultimately started attending the fresh new Hagun Academy a year until the tale, because of the review of the their examiner, Yuuri Oreki. While truth be told there, Ikki encountered opposition off his family members, exactly who pushed the institution making Ikki falter and made him retake a-year. He was along with harassed by many people students during that time, primarily Shizuya Kirihara who actually challenged Ikki in order to a combat and assaulted Ikki just who stopped retaliation due to declining is expelled.